Mandelbrot Explorer

Java Implementation

Martin Heller

Instructions: With your mouse, drag a rectangle over the area you want to explore and click on the Zoom button. If you want to start over with the full set, click on the Restart button.

The Mandelbrot set is a map of the behavior of a simple but chaotic mathematical function. It's perhaps the most famous of the "fractals." You'll find surprising detail in the map even when you've zoomed in many times.

This Mandelbrot Explorer is written entirely in Java. If the set image doesn't appear, check to see that you are using a browser which supports Java and has Java enabled. If the images display very slowly, check to see that the Java JIT compiler is enabled in your browser. Calculating the Mandelbrot set involves many floating point calculations done in a tight loop, so be patient if you're using a machine with a CPU slower than a Pentium. Please note that it is not necessary to stay connected to the Internet to explore the set.

This Mandelbrot Explorer is both an applet and an application. You see it now as an applet; the Mandelbrot class has been automatically downloaded by your browser. To use it as an application, you'll need to download the MandelbrotFrame class, and you might have to copy the Mandelbrot class from your browser's cache to another directory. To start the Mandelbrot Explorer as an application using Internet Explorer 3.0's Java support, type "jview Mandelbrot" from a MS-DOS box with the Mandelbrot and MandelbrotFrame classes in the current directory.

The source -- Mandelbrot class.
Additional source -- MandelbrotFrame class.
The compiled class -- Mandelbrot class.
Additional compiled class -- MandelbrotFrame class.

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