Test Your ActiveX Installation

This page tests whether you have your browser properly configured to download, authenticate, install, and display ActiveX controls, and manipulate them with VBScript.

When prompted with a certificate, accept it. The current date and time should appear below:

ActiveX is not supported

If you see the current date and time displayed above, ActiveX and VBScript are working properly, and you should go back to the page you were looking at.

If, instead of the time, you see a box with a small x in it, either you don't have ActiveX installed, you don't have ActiveX enabled, you aren't running an Intel processor and a 32-bit version of Windows, you don't have a currrent version of Authenticode, or you didn't accept the certificate.

If you see a blank space, you probably have ActiveX working but not VBScript.

If you see the message ActiveX is not supported, then you are using a browser that doesn't recognize the Object tag at all.

If you think you've corrected any problem you are having with this, refresh this page to try it again.

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